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3rd October 2010 @ 02:02
It would be good to keep a track of where we bring attention to this project within our Dept, institutions and the science community.
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Uniserve Science 2010 by Rosanne Quinnell
3rd October 2010 @ 02:06
The presentation at Uniserve went over really well. I think it was good to get the project on the radar at an early stage. The newly appointed ALTC Science Discipline Fellows attended.

Hibbert B, Frey J, Quinnell R, Mocerinod M, Todd M, Niamsup P, Plummer A, Milsted A.2010. TEACHING INSTRUMENTAL SCIENCE GLOBALLY USING A COLLABORATIVE ELECTRONIC LABORATORY NOTEBOOK Proceedings of the 16th UniServe Science Annual Conference, University of Sydney, Sept 29th to Oct 1st, 2010, page 124, ISBN Number 978-0-9808597-1-3.
Re: Dissemination of Project (seminars, conferences etc etc) by Rosanne Quinnell
3rd October 2010 @ 02:34
Uniserve Science 2010 .ppt
This is the link to the .pptx presented on Friday at Uniserve.
Re: Dissemination of Project (seminars, conferences etc etc) by Rosanne Quinnell
11th October 2010 @ 05:09
Papers to date for ELN pilot@unsw
Quinnell R, Hibbert B. 2010. Introducing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook to PhD Students Undertaking Chemistry Research at a Research Intensive University International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2010 April 6 th - 9 th, 2010 ~ Orlando, Florida USA USA
Quinnell, R., Hibbert, D.B. & Milsted, A. 2009. eScience: evaluating electronic laboratory notebooks in chemistry research In Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009.