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30th September 2010 @ 01:40
Learning Design: links_to_the_literature
ASELL initiative offers a way to critique pracs before they are implemented. could be useful to use their criteria as we develop the experiments to be undertaken using the ELN conduit.

A bloke from ACELL just gave a talk at uniserve : Simon Pyke. now ASELL (Science rather than Chemistry), there is an experiment database here
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Re: linking to ACELL initiative by Rosanne Quinnell
30th September 2010 @ 03:00
Yep that should be ACELL - can we fix mistakes like that?

Anyway, one of there findings from student survey responses was that they value being able to improve their data-handling skills. Now I'll have to maybe email Simon Pyke about this. I am not at all surprised that students perceive this to be a really important component of lab work as the work I've done with Thompson, Micolich and LeBard have pointed to data-handling and interpretation as a sticking point in student learning in science.