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20th April 2011 @ 14:53
Can you comment on this post and add your name and the profile you use to login? We can than give you permissions to some of the hidden blogs. Note that knowing your gmail profile (or whatever) will not give anyone access to your sites, don't give your password. Brynn Hibbert
Re: Profile to log in this site - RQ log on by Rosanne Quinnell
22nd April 2011 @ 03:53
I find the RSS feed is good to let me know when there have been updates to the blog but email would be better for me. R
Re: Profile to log in this site by Douglas Neil Duffy
28th April 2011 @ 01:20

I use the RSS feed - I have it as a bookmark on my browser so can get a quick check of any Blog action.
Re: Profile to log in this site by Roy Tasker
23rd August 2011 @ 07:03
I can log into this blog on a whim. Now I might try to add something useful. Thanks for setting this up Brynn.