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25th January 2011 @ 00:04
Here's a PDF of the synthetic project I'd like to do. I should emphasise that I have in mind for this a very large collaboration, and have already reached out to Stanford and the University of Bamako in Mali as other partners, but there really is no reason for limiting partners - that's kind of the point...

The question is what to do next. Clearly I would like to have undergrads at Sydney do some work on the Chemistry, but does it not also make sense to have students at UNSW do this too?
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9th November 2010 @ 00:18
Included are two potential UNSW experiments to get the ball rolling. They are extracted directly form the UNSW level 3 course manual. Also included are files for risk assessment and safe work procedures that are part of the course requirements - these would be completed by students as part of their lab preparation. Also uploaded is the assessment guidelines for UNSW experiments. Please have a look and comment and hopefully begin uploading material from your institution.
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