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14th October 2011 @ 23:47
Altc: project_synergy
Matt Todd and I were invited to the "New Media for Science" workshop in Brisbane, November 8 - 9th, 2011. The ELN project has a clear synergy with this New Media project. When Will (Rifkin) presented this "new media" project at Uniserve 2010, he used the term 'inviting reinvention', which I think we have shown the ELN can do.

13th October 2011 @ 07:40
Altc: Webinar
see Transforming assessment calendar
13th October 2011 @ 07:33
Altc: Webinar
Here is the abstract of our webinar

In the higher education sector there is a strong push to improve the synergy between research and teaching. To achieve this in the science undergraduate curriculum we need to introduce the new and emerging web-based technologies that support discipline research practice and collaboration. Teachers and students, alike, must be trained in these new developments; further, teaching staff must have access to tools that will facilitate their ability to assess students in ways that are appropriate to the technology and the discipline. The ELN has been implemented at UNSW, and this proposed project (funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council) will allow a multi-university (three in Australia, one in Thailand and one in the UK) exemplar of the use of the ELN focusing on undergraduate students documenting and sharing their practical work in Chemistry. Assessment questions for this collaborative approach will look at comparability across universities/countries, how to assess collaboration, who gets the credit for the ‘right’ answer?.
3rd October 2010 @ 02:02
It would be good to keep a track of where we bring attention to this project within our Dept, institutions and the science community.
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