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30th September 2010 @ 03:17
Learning Design: links_to_the_literature
Karma Pearce at Uniserve just gave her paper:
This paper describes how students in Food and Nutrition created vids of their chem prac to show to other students who were unable to 'do' that prac after the teaching lab was flooded. Pracs included Fe in bread, use of AAS.

Now, this paper provides evidence that students giving the 'low-down' on the prac was perceived to be better than getting similar from lecturers (the language was more accessible), the task of participant-peers making vids has strong alignment to grad. attri.

I think that we need to collect the grad. attr from all participating institutions for reference.

Adam and Ziggy's paper (USYD) looked at collective (collaborative data) from first year chem - interesting for us on two fronts: 1) data input systems in the absence of an instrument system IF the system is to be scaled up and 2) the "readiness" to adopt data-sharing and collaborative nature of an ELN for introduction to undergraduate science (refer to Dissemination notes from ALTC session held @unsw Tues this week where climate evaluation was seen as an important component to achieve effective dissemination).