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26th September 2011 @ 02:58
website with Abstract: [url=].pdf of program[/url] LEARNING TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH FEST hosted by COCO, LATTE & CHAI. 4TH NOVEMBER 2010 Abstract and presenter details: 34. Rosanne Quinnell (Sydney), Brynn Hibbert (UNSW), Jeremy G. Frey (Southampton), Neil Duffy (UNSW), Mauro Mocerino (Curtin), Matthew Todd (Sydney), Piyapong Niamsup (Chang Mai), Adrian Plummer (Sydney) and Andrew Milsted (Southampton) - [b]Extending the science curriculum: teaching instrumental science at a distance in a global laboratory using a collaborative Electronic Laboratory Notebook[/b] In the higher education sector there is a strong push to improve the synergy between re- search and teaching. There is a need, therefore, to introduce into the undergraduate cur- riculum new and emerging technologies that support our current research practices and processes in science. There is no doubt that future scientific practice will increasingly in- volve collaborations that exploit new technologies with data and information being shared via the web. This project will extend the science curriculum by demonstrating how instru- mental science can be taught at a distance using a collaborative electronic laboratory notebook:
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