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25th October 2010 @ 02:40
Meeting Notes: ethics_and_consent
- at end of project description add project matrix

Project evaluation data to be covered by the Ethics application/participant consent includes:

I. survey response data collected at two times points: (start and end of project - end of project survey in draft form) from participant cohorts (academic instructors and participant 'students' - separate surveys for each cohort). End of project survey to include BA/NI (best 3 aspects, 3 needs improving) - open response.

II. content of ELN posts from 'student' participants, the academic instructors that includes:
a)'student' participants reflective comments on ii) the instructions they have provided for the experiments, and ii) the instructions that they have been asked to follow (or, how the experiment is to be/was conducted)
b) 'student' participants' feedback on the marking scheme for the laboratory report, the reports themselves and report feedback (speaks to how learning in chemistry is assessed - is this the same in all locations?).

III. comments from expert observers.