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25th July 2012 @ 04:24
Complete the pre-work quiz on Blackboard.

Consider the action spectrum of photosynthesis, and the absorption spectra of various photosynthetic pigments. How is this related to leaf colour?
Dunno, need to read some more

Complete the table below. Don't forget, this is a template so you need to select "use template" to activate text entry fields.

Table 6.1 Relationship between absorbance, amount of DCPIP, and level of electron flow through the electron transport chain.
Change in colour of DCPIP Change in absorbance at 605 nm (A605) Interpretation
No change – remains blue No electron flow through ETC
Changes slowly from blue to clear A605 decreases slowly
Changes quickly from blue to clear
24th July 2012 @ 07:05
Test: using_template
Week: 1
Experiment title: analysis of yield
Date of Experiment:24th july 2012

The yield of the reaction was 104.3mg with a formula mass of 45.0g/mol.
Starting material (salty salt salt) was 209mg with a formula mass of 68g/mol.

Yield is calculated as: